Ontario Drive Clean Emission Test Fees Get Cut

Tuesday April 11, 2017

Ontario Drivers must complete a Drive Clean Emission Test for vehicles seven years old or more. The test must be done every two years before renewing your vehicle’s registration or during a transfer of ownership.

The Drive Clean test ensures your vehicle is operating without producing a high level of harmful emissions. While most new vehicles are more efficient, older vehicles tend to have a higher risk of failing the Drive Clean test.

Your vehicle must receive a “pass” or “conditional pass” in order to renew your vehicle’s registration. You cannot renew your vehicle until you receive a pass or conditional pass on your test. Driving without valid registration can result in charges and fines.

The good news is, as of April. 1st, 2017, the Drive Clean Test fee is one less cost Ontario Drivers have to worry about. The Ontario government has decided to get rid of the fee for your first test at renewal time.

As of April. 1st, 2017, Ontario Drivers will no longer be required to pay the Drive Clean Emissions Test.

This means, Ontario Drivers will no longer be required to pay the fee associated with the test but, you will still be required to complete an emissions test upon renewal if your vehicle is seven years or older. You will be required to pay the fee for retesting your vehicle if the first test is failed.

The Ontario government has also changed the law regarding consecutive Conditional Passes. After receiving a conditional pass, your next test must result in an unconditional pass. All repairs are at the owner’s expense until the vehicle passes an inspection.

Once your vehicle passes, you will receive a Vehicle Inspection Report indicating “Pass”. A Vehicle Inspection Report is mandatory to complete your registration renewal or a transfer of ownership.

Some vehicles require testing, even if they are not seven years old. You can find out if your vehicle requires a test here. To check your vehicle’s status, you will need your vehicle registration and the date on your license plate sticker.

If you drive a Volkswagen Porsche or Audi, a recall may affect your emissions testing. To learn more about the recall, visit the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change website here.

Completing Your Drive Clean Test

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