Driver-Assist Tech: Making Bad Drivers? Vote Now.

Tuesday July 3, 2018

Does Driver Assist Tech Make Us Worse Drivers? Vote Now!

Autonomous vehicles have been gaining momentum in recent years but it seems we are still a long way from driverless vehicles taking over Ontario roads. In the meantime, Driver-Assist Technologies are popping up in readily available vehicles.

Unlike Autonomous Vehicles, Driver-Assistance enabled vehicles still require a human driver in the driver’s seat. Driver-Assist Technology is not intended to take over the responsibility of driving. Instead, it is intended to improve road safety for the driver and their passengers.

Driver-Assistance Technologies include:

  • Blind Spot Monitoring
    • Warns the driver of vehicles in blind spots
  • Lane Keeping and Active Lane Keeping
    • Warns the driver before leaving a lane and, in some vehicles, can adjust steering to maintain position in lane
  • Collision Avoidance
    • Predicts potential collisions and, in some vehicles, can apply breaks to prevent a collision.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
    • Adjusts cruise control speed based on traffic ahead

These systems alert drivers to potential hazards that they may not have otherwise been aware of and in some cases, can even take over control of the vehicle to prevent a hazard or prepare for an accident. Typically, systems that can take over control of the vehicle are “Active”. Therefore, Blind Spot Monitoring would only warn a driver of a hazard. “Active Blind Spot Monitoring” can warn a driver and apply one-sided breaking to prevent the driver from moving into the lane where the blind spot monitoring is activated.

While these technologies are intended to create safer roads, critics argue that driver-assist technologies create more careless drivers. The benefits of these technologies are obvious but, what happens when a driver that has become reliant on Driver-Assist technologies returns to a vehicle without that tech in place? This is where problems can occur.

When a driver comes to expect a notification from their vehicle or for their vehicle to actively prevent accidents for them, they may no longer be safe handling a vehicle without those systems. This could make Ontario roads less safe.

Do you think Driver-Assist technologies cause bad driving habits? Tell us in the survey below and leave a comment.

Do Driver-Assist Technologies cause bad driving behaviours?

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