Speeding Tickets

Officers in Ontario issue over half a million speeding tickets in Ontario each year. So, it’s no surprise speeding tickets are the #1 reason Ontario drivers require high risk auto insurance.

Traffic tickets can affect your insurance rate for up to 3 years. 

Depending on the severity of the fine and number of infractions on your driving record, you may no longer be eligible for standard insurance. As a result, your insurer may cancel your policy. If your policy is cancelled, you will need to speak with a broker that specializes in High Risk insurance.

Speeding Tickets

Our Professional Insurance Brokers Can Help

  • Multiple Speeding Tickets
  • Major, Minor and Serious Infractions
  • Criminal Convictions

At Easyway, we turn no one away. Our goal is to help you, regardless of your driving record, get the most competitive insurance rate possible. If you have had multiple tickets, major or minor infractions, we can help. Our professional team makes finding affordable high risk insurance easy.

Speak with an Easyway Insurance Broker and get your personalized car insurance quote today.

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