Impaired Driving

Alcohol and Drug Impaired Driving are serious offences in Ontario. If you are convicted of impaired driving, it can be difficult to find affordable insurance. Once convicted, your insurance may be cancelled or non-renewed by your provider. We specialize in helping Ontario high risk drivers just like you.

Impaired Driving Test

If you’ve been charged with Impaired Driving, we’re here to help.

Most insurance companies make you feel guilty about your conviction and make it clear they don’t want your business. At Easyway, we know good people sometimes make mistakes. We believe you have the right to be treated with respect, regardless of your driving record.


Fighting a Charge? If you decide to fight your impaired driving conviction, call Easyway. When you call, we will help connect you with legal professionals that can assist in your case.

Our Brokers Can Help

When you are legally ready to return to the road, Easyway Insurance helps you get the insurance coverage you need. We’ll help you get the most affordable insurance based on your coverage needs.

Speak with a professional high risk insurance broker today. We specialize in helping drivers like you get back on your path to lower rates.

Learn more about impaired driving and your driving record, read “Impaired Driving Convictions and Your Insurance“.

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