Good Driving for the New Year

Monday December 5, 2016

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With the holidays behind us, and the New Year approaching, people often start think about making resolutions for the year ahead. Your plan might include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, a few less pieces of chocolate or even to save a few extra dollars for that trip you’ve always wanted to take. This year, considering adding a New Year’s Driving Resolutions to your list to help keep your driving record clean and your insurance rates low.

At Easyway, we know good people sometimes make bad decisions and we want to help you improve your driving habits to get you back on your path to lower rates. Making a few small changes can reap big rewards when it comes to getting your best insurance rate. Here are a few simple ideas to help get you started.

1. Stop Speeding

One of the most common reasons for speeding is being anxious about travel time and arriving late at your destination. Whether you’re a regular commuter or you’re rushing to get the kids off to hockey, good planning can go a long way to prevent speeding.

What you can do:

Setting a reminder to leave an extra 15 minutes early for every trip can give you the extra time you need for a safe journey. Planning extra travel time can reduce your temptation to speed and helps you avoid costly tickets that can affect your insurance premium for years to come.

2. Stop Texting & Driving

As of 2016, nearly 70% of Canadians own a Smartphone. With that statistic in mind, it’s no surprise that distracted driving infractions are becoming increasingly common. Not only is texting while driving illegal, it can put your life and the life of others at risk while you’re behind the wheel.

What you can do:

To avoid a distracted driving ticket, purchase a hands-free set or plan to turn your device off while you’re in the car. Another great way to avoid distracted driving is to let your family and friends know before you head out on the road so that they avoid messaging you during your trip.

3. End Your Road Rage

Road rage includes any aggressive driving behaviour such as tailgating, cutting off other drivers or failing to obey the right of way. If you struggle with road rage, make a resolution to turn your vehicle into a calmer environment.

What you can do:

Don’t drive when stressed. If you’ve had a rough day or are feeling anxious, give yourself time to relax before getting behind the wheel. You can also avoid music that may aggravate your mood and practice deep breathing when you feel your stress level rise behind the wheel. Some drivers even use scented air fresheners to help elevate their mood behind the wheel. Finally, ensuring you’ve had a good night of sleep and a nutritious meal can go a long way to eliminate stress during your drive.

4. Call Your Insurance Broker

Many drivers are unaware of the benefits of contacting your insurance broker on a regular basis. Your broker can help you save on your insurance renewal and you might be able to take that dream trip a little sooner than expected!

Sticking to New Year’s resolutions can be challenging but can pay off when it comes to getting the cheapest car insurance rate. To help yourself stick to your New Year’s Driving Resolutions, here a few small tricks you can do to remind yourself of your goals.

Tips to Stay On Track

As you plan your New Year’s Driving Resolutions, don’t forget why it’s important to practice good driving habits. Good driving is not only beneficial to your insurance rates but it’s safer for everyone on the road – including you.

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