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Saturday July 30, 2016

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Your driving record provides insurers an overview of your driving history and helps them assess your risk as a driver. Depending on your driving history, you will either be eligible for standard insurance or require a non-standard insurer that specializes in High Risk drivers.

Understanding the different types of driving offenses insurers use to evaluate your driving record can better equip you as a driver. Also, being informed can help you get the best possible rates for your insurance.

Insurance providers in Ontario us three classifications for traffic offenses; Minor, Major and Serious Offenses. Each type of offense can impact your insurance premium and can result in being categorized as a High Risk driver.

While it’s no surprise that Major and Serious convictions can cause dramatic increases to your insurance, minor tickets should not be disregarded. Especially if you’ve had multiple convictions, even minor offenses can result in insurance increases, cancellations or non-renewal.

Many drivers are also surprised to learn that even infractions while off-roading or boating can impact your auto insurance.

On average, a conviction can affect your insurance for up to 3 years. For the most serious infractions, such as Impaired Driving, your insurance can be affected for as many as 6 years. While a single minor infraction won’t likely affect your rates, if you have multiple minor or fewer but more significant tickets, you will likely fall into the High Risk category.

It can be surprising to learn that even missed payments affect your insurance rate. If you have missed an insurance payment in the past 3 years, you can expect to pay more for your insurance. Additionally, your provider may require you to pay your premium up front.

To get back to standard insurance and more affordable rates, obey the law and practice safe driving.

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