The Benefits of Driving School for Licensed Drivers

Friday February 16, 2018

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Having a driver’s license is an extremely useful. Being able to provide your own transportation can give you a sense of freedom. Not only do you get to pick when you go, you can pick where you travel. However, bad driving habits can get in the way of this freedom when you wind up with a suspension or unaffordable insurance.

The Importance of Driving School

Driving school, also known as Drivers Education, is a great way to learn the ins and outs of driving. For licensed drivers, going back to driving school can help you overcome bad driving habits. It can also help you brush up on your driving skills.

Practicing your skills with a friend or family member can be helpful but sometimes it can be very frustrating. With the help of a professional instructor, you will learn good driving habits and better understand the rules of the road.

Certified instructors guide you through the learning process in vehicles equipped with an extra break on their passenger side. This ensures a second set of eyes can stop in the vehicle in the event of an emergency. Often, driving schools also have signs affixed to the vehicle to let others known to proceed with caution near the new driver.

A professional instructor has more than knowledge of the rules of the road. They’ve also seen the kinds of mistakes that new drivers are prone to make. Therefore, they can help you avoid mistakes as you learn.

Another advantage to driving school is that you can be sure you are learning from a true expert. Driving instructors have accurate and up to date knowledge of the rules of the road. Learning from a friend or family member can sometimes lead to bad habits being passed on from one driver to another.

What To Expect from Driving School

In Ontario, driving school typically includes in-class learning and practical time behind the wheel with the guidance of a licensed instructor.

In driving school, you not only learn about the rules of the road but you also learn how to handle different road conditions or emergency situations. Driving school also teaches you the basics of vehicle maintenance. You will also learn:

Defensive Driving

Safety is one of the most important parts of driver education. Not only is it important to practice safety with the things you can control by wearing a seatbelt, decreasing distractions within your car, and following speed limits and traffic laws, it’s also important to learn how to drive defensively.

Becoming a vigilant, defensive driver can help you see danger before it becomes a threat. It takes more than following the rules of the road. Staying alert and watching for unsafe or inattentive drivers around you is one of the most proactive ways to practice safety and one of the most critical things you’ll learn in driving school.


Having your driving abilities confirmed by an authority is, indeed, a great confidence booster. You’ll have a chance to practice and master each set of skills, and every time you go behind the wheel with an instructor next to you, you’ll know that they are there to help you. This safety net makes you more secure as you learn and trains you to become a more confident driver.

Whether you’re new to driving, or need to refresh your knowledge, driving school can change how you view yourself as a driver by creating or restoring confidence in your abilities.

Lower Insurance

Once you have successfully completed the program, you will received a certificate of completion and you can hit the road knowing you are prepared.

Many insurance companies offer discounts for new drivers who can provide proof of their driving course completion. That certificate serves as a recommendation from the driving school on behalf of the new driver, meaning that the new driver has learned the minimal requirements and has been given the knowledge to abide by all the laws and regulations.

Although there is no immediate savings for drivers that have already been licensed for at least 3 years, licensed drivers can still benefit from driving school. Taking a driving course can help you recognize and correct bad habits that can result in costly tickets and increased insurance rates. If you are a high risk driver, considering taking a driver’s education course to relearn the rules of the road and get back on your path to lower rates.

Driving Lessons Make a Difference

Cars can be a wonderful and convenient way to get around. However, they are powerful and can be dangerous when used incorrectly. Driving school is the best way to become a responsible, licensed driver.

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