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11.06.2017 | Safety Tips

All You Need to Know about ATV and Snowmobile Insurance in Ontario

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and snowmobiles allow you to explore the great outdoors in a thrilling way.

However, a significant mistake that most owners of ATV and snowmobiles make is assuming their auto insurance or homeowner’s policies cover these recreational vehicles.

It is advisable to know what your insurance covers and what it doesn’t. Without adequate insurance, you will expose yourself to unnecessary personal liability.

Snowmobile Insurance

If you love riding your snowmobile when the snow falls, you should definitely consider getting a snowmobile insurance. Accidents do occur, and that’s why you need protection from financial risk.

Avoid taking chances with your financial and personal safety. Easyway insurance will help you understand your options and recommend the most appropriate cover for your budget and needs.

ATV Insurance

ATVs are not on-road driving vehicles, but they still require insurance. If you have an ATV in Ontario, chances are that you will use it in public areas (like roads, trails, and parking lots). You’ll, therefore, need a high-risk auto insurance.

Many municipal laws usually require residents to have insurance coverage for their ATVs. This includes property damage coverage, liability coverage, and accident benefits coverage. Additionally, you can also buy Collision, Comprehensive, Specific Perils and All Perils coverage for your ATV.

A new ATV doesn’t come cheap either. At Easyway Insurance, our insurance cover protects your investment in the event of theft.

So, as you explore the great outdoors of Ontario, let Easyway Insurance give you that much-needed peace of mind for your road trip.

Common Types of Coverage for High-Risk Driving

Each recreational vehicle insurance policy is unique. The following is a list of different covers available for your ATV or snowmobile insurance.

  • Collision coverage: This plan pays for damages caused when your vehicle collides with an object or another vehicle.
  • Property damage liability coverage: This covers you against specific damages your vehicle may cause to another individual’s property while operating it. This policy might also offer a legal defense for a claim in case the other party chooses to file a suit against you.
  • Bodily injury liability coverage: This will insure you against damages in the event you injure someone while using your vehicle. The coverage sometimes offers a legal defense if the other party decides to file a lawsuit against you.
  • Comprehensive physical damage coverage: This policy pays for all covered losses that occur as a result of damages other than a collision, like theft, fire or vandalism.

Snowmobile and ATV Risk Management

1. Accidents by Another Party

Even if you choose to let your family members and friends drive, you’ll still be liable for accidents. You can be sued when someone gets injured, or someone else’s property is damaged. ATVs are associated with high rates of injury, so stay safe.

2. Allowing a Minor to Operate the Snowmobile or ATV

It’s wrong to assume that everyone who drives or rides your ATV or snowmobile is covered. Most high- risk insurance policies exclude young operators.

What’s more, provincial and state regulations or rules from natural resources agencies may restrict the operator‘s age. Ensure you check with the local laws, especially if you intend to travel out of your home area.

3. Medical Payments

Often, medical expenses are not covered by standard policies when an accident occurs. This usually includes doctor visits, ambulance fees, and emergency room fees. Before taking that heart-throbbing ride on your snowmobile, ensure you confirm whether your coverage has these expenses.

Can Infractions on a Recreational Vehicle Affect Your Ontario Car Insurance?

Yes, infractions on a recreational vehicle can have an impact on your auto insurance rates. The impact is mainly determined by the severity of your infringement.

In most cases, insurers don’t find out about the infraction until you get convicted in court, added to the driving abstract, or make a payment for it. Other insurance companies will only notice this when you try renewing your policy with them. It is always best to let your insurer know about the violation as soon as possible.

Here are some infractions that you must avoid on your driving record if you want to pay lower insurance rates for your recreational vehicles:

  • Driving under the influence: DUI has severe repercussions, such as jail time and criminal charges. Plus, you’ll be branded a high-risk driver. You definitely won’t want this on your record.
  • Distracted driving: This is another serious issue affecting most drivers today. Fines are charged, and sometimes you may be served with up to three demerit points.
  • Careless driving: This charge automatically gets you six demerit points. You can also be fined or jailed depending on the case at hand.
  • Over speeding in public places: This offense is serious and can come with additional charges like careless driving or street racing. This kind of infractions will also increase your insurance rates tremendously.
  • Driving without insurance: Recreational vehicles need insurance. Getting a cover after you are caught driving without insurance can be very hard. It’s also expected that your rates will be higher. So don’t get caught on the wrong side of the law.

How to Keep Your ATV and Snowmobile Insurance Costs Down

Various factors affect the cost of covering a specialty vehicle. Is it possible to keep insurance rates low? Yes, just consider these tips:

  • Select your vehicle carefully: Some recreational vehicle models are considered more aggressive and will cost more to insure. Your buying decision will, therefore, directly affect the cost of insurance.
  • Safety: When you have a history of driving violations or any claims on your insurance plan, insurance rates will likely be higher. So drive responsibly.
  • Own several recreational vehicles (if you can): With many vehicles, you’re likely to get discounts when taking a policy.

Get Your High-Risk Auto Insurance from Easyway Insurance

Getting recreational vehicle insurance is a life-saver for all adventurous people. It is comforting to let yourself go and have some risky fun when you have a reliable insurer in Ontario.

Feel free to contact Easyway Insurance on 1-866-388-3034 and let us offer you a helping hand on all your high-risk auto insurance needs. You can always count on us!

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