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09.20.2017 | AUTO

Your Guide to Making an Auto Insurance Claim

You may need to complete a car insurance claim if you have been involved in an accident causing injury or damage to your vehicle or if you have been the victim of vehicle theft. In this article, we share the important information you need to make an insurance claim.

Be Prepared

Accidents are highly stressful situations, especially when injuries occur. As a result, it can be easy to forget the important information you must gather for your insurance claim. Once it is safe to do so, gather as much information as you can about the accident. To help you gather this information, we have created an Accident Information Form. Print the Accident Report Form out and keep a copy in your vehicle's glove compartment along with a pen. If you are involved in an accident, use the form to gather pertinent information and take photos before you contact your insurance provider.

Download the Accident Report Form

It is also important not to admit fault at the scene of the incident. Any admission of fault can affect the outcome of your insurance claim.

In addition to gathering the details of the accident, it’s important to understand your insurance coverage. Read your insurance policy in detail to understand your responsibilities and what is covered under your insurance policy. For example, if you have purchased Accident Forgiveness, your insurance rates may be protected in the event of your first at-fault accident.

File Your Claim On Time

To be sure your insurance provider considers your insurance claim, you must file your report with your insurance company within 7 days of the incident occurring.

Your Insurance Broker Can Help

If you need help making your claim, contact your insurance broker. Your insurance broker can help ensure you have the information you need to ensure your claim is reviewed quickly and efficiently.

If the incident occurs during business hours, contact your Easyway Insurance broker at 1.866.388.3034.

If you need to make a claim outside of our office hours, please report the claim directly to your insurance company. You can find your insurance company's name on your pink liability slip.

Determining Fault

Upon reviewing your claim, an insurance claims adjuster from your insurance provider will determine fault. According to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, "Insurance adjusters investigate insurance claims and determine the amount of loss or damages covered by property and casualty insurance policies."

The adjuster assigned to your claim will review all details of the incident. In doing so, they may visit the location of the accident, interview you and the other drivers involved, any police officers involved or hospital records, if applicable. After gathering all information, the insurance adjuster will then use the Fault Determination Rules as established by the Insurance Act. Using these rules, the adjuster will determine what percent fault each driver is responsible for.

If you are found to be at fault in anyway, you will have an at fault accident on your insurance record. However, this does not automatically mean your insurance will increase. If you are not found more than 25% at fault, your insurance premium may not be affect. And, many insurance providers do not penalize drivers for their first at fault accident.

Compensation for Damage Claims

If you have filed a damage claim, the amount you will receive depends on your fault determination and your insurance coverage. Your claims adjuster will confirm the amount you will receive and any deductible you are required to pay. You will not be required to pay a deductible if you are at zero fault.

If You or Your Passengers Have Been Injured

If you or your passengers have been injured in the accident, you may be eligible to receive Statutory Accident Benefits compensation. Ask your claims adjuster for details on how to apply for these benefits.

  1. Income Replacement
    • a. Non-earner
    • b. Caregiver
  2. Medical:
    • a. Rehabilitation
    • b. Attendant Care
  3. Compensation for Other Expenses

Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with a criminal offense such as careless driving as a result of an at-fault accident, you may wish to seek legal counsel. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you may be denied Statutory Accident Benefits.

Disputing the Outcome of a Claim

If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your claim, you can contact your insurance broker and the Consumer Complaint Officer for your insurance company. Your broker can help you navigate the consumer complaint process.

For additional details on the claims process, visit the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

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