Protecting your record

Mistakes happen.  You may get nabbed for speeding or careless driving. If you already have a ticket or claim on your record the result could be a doubling of your insurance premium. 

Fighting your ticket in court is the smart thing to do.  You may be able to reduce the charge (such as from careless driving to following too closely) that could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in insurance premiums.

However, you need proper legal representation to ensure you increase your odds of success while in court. This can be expensive.  And this is why we've partnered with DAS to offer our clients a unique legal expensive insurance product called DASdrive.

DASdrive will support you when legal conflicts arise from the use or ownership of your vehicle.  The policy costs just $80 per year for the first vehicle and $60 for each additional vehicle in your household.  There are several payment options including a monthly plan.

DAS is a worldwide pioneer with legal insurance.  They write more than $1.2 billion worldwide and have tens of thousands of satisfied clients.

For more information, please call one of our sales representatives at (905) 890-0123 or 1-866-388-3034.