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High Risk Home

High Risk Home

If your home has been categorized as High Risk, we are here to help.

At Easyway, we have years of professional expertise in helping High Risk homeowners get the insurance they need.

We can help get you insured:

  • Multiple Home Insurance Claims
  • Knob and Tube Wiring (Open Wiring or K&T wiring)
  • Galvanized steel plumbing
  • Vacant Dwellings
  • Rental Cottages

The top reasons for being labelled High Risk are related to the ownership of older homes. The beautiful charm of an older home is often an attractive option. And, with the rising cost of real estate, many homeowners consider renovating older homes as an alternative to purchasing newly built homes. However, some of these homes also come with old electrical that can result in being categorized as a High Risk Home.

While standard insurers may turn you away or non-renew your home insurance policy, we welcome High Risk homeowners and are committed to helping get you insured.

If your home is categorized as High Risk, call Easyway today. Our professional brokers are dedicated to getting you insured for your best rate.

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